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Nice work, Dirty.

Now - you HAVE to tell ME how to do it too !!

Please !

Harry C

Tom, it would appear that my first embedding exercise was an accident. I have tried a number of times since but without success.
Let me take you through the routine as I understand it :-

Choose the video to be embedded and click on it.

To the right of the video are two windows labelled 'URL' and 'Embed'

Draw the cursor along the 'Embed' window and it highlights it in blue (be sure to keep the cursor on the window until it scrolls to the end and picks up all the detail)

Right click on the highlighted window and in the dropdown choose 'copy'( this puts the embed instruction in a file rather like the cut and paste routine)

The next step is the one that confuses me - you go to Typepad to compose your post and right click on 'Edit HTML' with the intention of pressing 'Paste' on the dropdown but paste is not active.

So like you Tom I'm becalmed at the moment.

Perhaps we should throw our pride to the wind and crave assistance from anyone who reads this and can help.


I might try and explain via an embedded video this evening.

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