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Harry C

Thanks Tom - most interesting. I've never seen a cuica before - but now I'm sure that it would be more at home with latin american rhythms. I see what you mean about the mistaken impression playing it can give and personally I'm going to stay with the saxophone !! I don't suppose that, amongst your obviously wide range of talents, you play the trombone do you ? The band is short of troms and trumpets.

Like you I also want to learn how to download videos and do links. I'm waiting until Paul pops in again to master the art - I'm almost there.


Harry - this may seem like the blind leading the blind a little - but I may be able to help with links (videos are beyond me and no-one seems to want to help - bastards).

When you upload a post in Typepad (are you still with me ?)...you have to type yourtext into a box (commonly called a 'window' I believe), and along the top of the window is a horizontal array (called a 'bar') of little graphics (called 'icons'). One of these loks like two little chain links linked together. If you run your pointer over it it will say somethgin link 'links' or 'insert a link'. If you click on that a separate 'window' will open up over the top of the existing one which asks you to enter the web address (or 'URL') of the page that you want to link to. To find this, go to the page you want to link to and copy the web address from the toolbar right at the top of the page - and paste this address into the new window. The next thing it will do is ask you for the word that you want to appear in your post (which appears in another colour - usually a darker blue / purple) which will be the 'link' - and which will link to the page of your choice. Enter the word, and there you go - it's done. You see from my link in the above post that this word can be a sentence - and can be even quite long !

Hey bingo, voila, know what I mean (Harry).

Harry C

What a man !!! - thanks Tom - I think I've got all that.
Do I take it that's a no on the trombone then ?


Yes, it's a no.


I am reviving my interest in new instruments - and am learning the 'chanter' - maybe there's space for this in your orchestra ?

To see one in its majesty - go to:


I can't wait..

Harry C

I'm very familiar with chanters Tom - I spent about four years from the age of eleven playing bagpipes in the scouts pipe band.
We used to learn new tunes just on the chanters to keep the noise down. When we put the chanters back in the bags and played there was much more of a din because each one of the 3 drones had a reed in and made additional one note droning sounds.
We had 6 Pipers,3 Kettle Drummers,
2 Tenor Drummers and 1 Big Drummer
and were hired out for parades ,carnivals,sporting events and fetes and the odd concert spot. The pipes create a unique sound and sense of occasion.
The instrument though is very limited - one octave range and not capable of playing a full chromatic scale.
It's very much a niche instrument and as such is unlikely to feature regularly in the conventional band/orchestra.Mull of Kintyre was a one-off.!

I'm sorry if that sounds negative Tom but I thought I should be utterly frank with you.

Have you thought about a trombone ? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Harry C - I'll come clean - I HAVE thought about a trombone, I have, I have. I love the slidyness of them. I'd love to get hold of a trombone.
What should I do about it ?

OK - and do you think that the chanter is a good place to start on a journey towards a fuller understanding of playing the bagpipes ? This is the route I would like to take.

Please help, Harry C.

Harry C

Tom, search your heart and as long as you really want to play the bagpipes -(and its not just a desire to wear the kilt and sporran with all those other men !!!!)- then the chanter is an excellent place to start. I would think ahead if I were you though and soundproof one of your many sheds because you won't be popular with the neighbours. Good luck and I'll look forward to hearing about your progress.

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