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Rest assured John, it's noted.

John Grant

Dammit! You're never alone on a blog. I thought of a funny forfeit; I could wear a t-shirt saying "Mr U-Turn" to the planning and/vs blogging debate. I'd would be a desperately 'in' joke if you & I are the only ones who know about it though



My stats tell me there were 18 page views of this blog today. I've looked at it twice, so unless you've looked at it 16 times there might be someone else laughing.


I told you so!!!
Quick question, how in god's name do you get carbon balancing car insurance? Surely insurance is a service (therefore intangible) that does not have much of a carbon footprint save for a few pieces of paper that all insurance companies have to send you in case you get your collar felt.
Please let me know if I'm wrong or if they do come and insulate your house or fit a solar powered door bell or something.

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