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dan at innocent

Harry - I think I look better in the tam o'shanter. Thank you for showing me the future of headwear. Where can one buy an authentic tam?


Sadly it may already be time to move on from the flat cap. According to Asda everyone's wearing them in the South.


Though can't say I've seen many around myself - I obviously don't hang out with enough chavs, celebs, rappers or toffs.


If it wereùnt for this bloody french keyboqrd Iùd hqve q few zords to sqy qbout this: Qs is happens; weùll hqve to wqit until I return to UJ. Suffice to sqy I think it is I what looks best in the Tqb;,

Harry C

Dan, most of the sales site on the Internet appear to be American - but have a look on there. I don't see you as tam wearer though. The cap looks good and I think a Fedora would be a good choice.

Let's see zhqt zords of zisdom Tom hqs for us zen he returns to the UJ.

Regqrds, Hqqrry !!!!!!!


wjht the fbck!

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