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Harry C

It's nice to see some traffic here Camiel.
Well done on the job - despite the rigid rules on Powerpoint and dress.
I remember when I started a job with a firm of chartered accountants in the 60s where the senior partner was a raving pedant, I was TOLD that :

he was always to be addressed as sir.
I should wear a dark suit and not remove the jacket at work.
Written figures and letters should be not less than one eighth of an inch high (to avoid optical discomfort to typists)

I was lucky to have avoided the high stool and quill pens era !!


Now I realise it isn't as bad as I wrote last week. I've started wearing jeans (starting with the darkest possible) again and haven't been fired so far.

Compared to your 1960s experiences, I shouldn't be complaining at all.

btw: congratulations on picking up the garage pledge! you go, Harry!

John Grant

Freud said that happiness consists of success in love and work. I cant believe he missed the different fish every angle, but you are clearly a testament to why this whole exercise was brilliantly worth doing. On behalf of LSWHers everywhere I am really produd of you Camiel (and Harry, the music's a triumph too, not to mention the garage, although that reminds me...)

re powerpoint template Camiel have you thought about inventing your own style within it?

for instance if everyone of your slides had exactly five words on it, no more, no less

I know its a bit like wearing your tie differently at school - but that felt so brilliant when you got away with it too


John Grant

maybe I need to pledge to check my slpeling ;J


Thanks John. You can't imagine how inspiring that is to read.

I think I've found a loophole to neglect the template. Let's see what happens...

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