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Tom Lewis - Reynier

You know when you write 'here' and 'here' and stuff - how do you make the word underlined and link to another place ?


When you are writing the post in typepad there is an icon next to all the things that let you make stuff bold or in italics. It looks like a little bit of chain, and if you rest a mouse over it it says 'insert link'.

So, highlight the word you want to make a link, click the icon, and paste into the box that appears the link to the page you want to go to. And hey presto, you have a link.

(Don't break the tankard, and take some pictures.)


Do you have to wear pink?


Your (only?) reader based in Nigeria has offered to take part in the 'GTC' over on Dan's blog.

Rest assured she will be in good hands. I shall look forward to meeting her.

Tom Lewis - Reynier

I think it SHOULD be compulsory to wear pink (but I'm not the rule - maker, note).


I've responded on Dan's blog to most of this I think.

Think pink.

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