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Brett Macfarlane

Hi Paul,

Great piece of advice.

Do you think this patentable defense system is limited to beach environments?

I'll be heading into an urban environment later today and need a fierce first strike before the inevitable melee.


Morning Brett,
Very good question.
I need to be careful here legally, so let me just say that I'm 100% certain it will work.
Does that help?

Brett Macfarlane

Evening Paul,
My legal counsel has advised I shouldn't make any comments but I might advise it works 100%, so far.


Can waving be incorporated ino this?


Good morning Paul,

I have gathered two things from your photograph. I would welcome your thoughts on my assumptions.

1. Your picture looks like it was taken at night. Would you recommend a similar course of action in the day time? Or is that another post?

2. From the type of sand pictured it looks like you are in the sub-continent. Possibly India. Have they mentioned the cricket yet?


Against Karate?


Brett, we should let our lawyers take it from here.

John, only during the melee.

Ben, regarding question 1, 85% of the time it works every time. Onto question 2, every time I mention the cricket they tell me they're Manchester United fans.

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